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SkyShip 600 Photo Gallery


Welcome to the Skyship 600 Photo Gallery. Below are a series of photos to best show the ship in various situation including the landing protocol for a modern airship.
If you have any shots of the Skyship 600, please let me know and I will happily add them to the photo gallery and accredit your work. email me

Skyship 600's race in USA in 1996
A Skyship 600 landing at Cardington in 1990
Final approach
landing lines held
Touchdown !
Move to mast
Takeoff !        
Skyship 600 at dusk at the Farborough Airshow September 1990 - the day after Airship Industries called in the receivers.
Skyship 600 DERRA/MOD Project - with camera mounts and paint markers for research
Skyship 600 in "Inter Discount" Livery on test flights prior to becoming the SkyCruise ship at the Swiss Expo - Photos courtesy of Trevor Monk

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