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Major G H Scott C.B.E, A.F.C

Major G H Scott C.B.E, A.F.C Assistant Director of Airship Development (Flying) was born in 1888 at Catford, Kent and was educated at Richmond School, Yorks, and at the R. N Engineering College, Keyham. From 1908 he was engaged in general engineering until the outbreak of War when he joined . After service at Farnborough, in H.M.A. Eta and at Kingsnorth. He proceeded in 1915 to the airship station at Barrow and became captain of the Parseval P.4. The following year he was appointed to the command of the airship station at Anglesey and in 1917 became captain of R.9, the first British rigid airship to fly, and was also appointed Experimental officer, Airships, at Pulham airship base. On the formation of the Royal Air Force he was given the rank of Major.

Towards the end of 1918 he was chosen to command R.34 and was awarded the A.F.C. for his wrork on airships. In 1919 he commanded R.34 on 1st flight from East Fortune, Scotland to the United States and back to Pulham. For this he was awarded a C.B.E. This was the first flight of any aircraft to America and also the first outward and homeward flight. He was demobilsed from the Royal Air Force later in 1919. In 1920 he was appointed to the tecnhnical staff of the Royal Airship Works, Cardington. He is the inventor of the Air Ministry system of airship mooring to a tower, which is also employed in the United States. In 1924 he was appointed officer in Charge of Flying and Training in the Airship Directorate and in January of this year became Assistant Director (Flying). He visited Canada in 1927 to advise the Canadian Government on the selection of an airship base which resulted in St. Hubert, Montreal being chosen and equipped. Since the autumn of last year he has carried out extended trials of the two new British Airships R.101 and R.100, which are the largest airships in the world and contain many novel features compared with previous airship types. He took part in the Canadian Flight of R.100 during July and August this year fnd was officer in Charge of the Flight.

He lived at Manor Farmhouse, Cotton End. He was forty two at the time of his death.


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