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A60+ Trial Flights Photo Gallery
All photo's copyright and kindly reproduced courtesy of AHT Member Trevor Monk and his Father Howard, based at Cardington

Length 128ft
Diameter 36ft
Speed 55mph

2 x 80hp

Volume 68,000cft

Lightship A60+

In 2004 saw a new ship constructed at Cardington in the guise of the latest constructed Lightship A 60+ in destinctive T Mobile livery

A new Lightship A60 + from the Operator/Owner The Lightship Group. The main manufacturer of the parts which were assembled at Cardington being from the American Blimp Corporation.

Envelope Materials: Technologically advanced fabrics enhance UV protection of the "envelope, which carries the structural load and acts as the gas " barrier

Illumination: The airship features a special internal illumination system comprising of "2, 1,000 watt bulbs allowing the airship envelope to glow during " nighttime operations"

The ship carried out trial flights on a perfect flying day of 23rd May 2004

This latest ship will follow in the line of the fleet of Lightships which have been produced by the Lightship Group. The Lightship Group was formed in 1995 as a partnership between Virgin Lightships - part of Sir Richard Branson's Virgin Group of Companies - and the manufacturer of the Lightship®, American Blimp Corporation. The company has approximalty 16 airships in it's fleet today.

Gondola Specifications
Length: 13 feet (cabin 8.8 feet)
Height: 9.5 feet (cabin 6.33 feet)
Width: 5 feet

Passenger Capacity: 3 plus pilot or 2 adults & 2 small children plus pilot
Camera Capabilities: "Gyro-stabilized camera mounting capabilities, providing an " excellent platform for television and video photography


Performance Specifications

Range: 425 nm
Endurance: 15 hours at cruise
Cruising Speed: 32 mph
Maximum Speed: 55 mph (with winds in favor)
Power: "Twin, 80-horsepower Limbach engines"

Electrical System: "28-volt, 70-amp system with two, 28-volt, 35-amp alternators"
Fuel Capacity: 74 gallons
Fuel Consumption: 4 gallons per hour (cruising)
Maximum Rate of Climb: "1,600 feet per minute"
Operating Area Diameter: 1000 feet
Flight Configuration: "Day / Night, VFR / IFR, Single Pilot"
Ground Crew: Thirteen

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