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AT-10 Trial Flights Photo Gallery
All photo's copyright and kindly reproduced courtesy of AHT Member Trevor Monk and his Father Howard, based at Cardington.


Length 135.8ft
Diameter 35.1ft
Speed 60mph

2 x 100hp

Volume 88,287cft

Airship Technologies Group


Airships returned to Cardington in the guise of the new ATG airship, the AT-10. The first of a new series of Airships

Since the collapse of Airship Industries in the early 1990's some of the groups main employees and designers decided to continue with the airship programme and in 1995 set up a small company named originally, Airship Technologies Group but

later to be known as Advanced Airship Technologies Group (ATG). The company continued to pressure the market and proving of airship and hybrid lighter than air craft. The AT-10 was devised using the advancements as seen in the Sentinel 1000, a cross configured tail fin was one main advancements carried forward on the smaller craft.

It was seen that a small pilot training and advertising vehicle would be needed by the company before embarking on it's larger projects and the AT-10 fulfilled that role. The AT-10 is a 4-5 seat commercial airship providing an advertising and camera platform capability allied to others uses such as the pilot training.

The ship design moved away from the earlier skyship configuration. The envelope made of a laminated translucent fabric and a hull with a external cantenary collar system supporting the main payload module. A single ballonet was installed centrally located over the payload module (cabin) for hull pressure control.

The payload or gondola comprises of a single structural module with a flight deck comprising of 2 pilot stations and 2 sidestick controls. The passenger compartment behind the flight deck allows seating for 4 passengers with a single large door entrance. The passenger seating configuration can be rearranged for flexible location of equipment.

A small stowage compartment is also added with a small toilet on board for comfort. The AT-10 also carries a power plant of 2, 100bhp horizontally opposed two stroke direct injection diesel engines. As with earlier airship technology, the AT-10 continues to use the fly by wire optical technology. It also had a flight control system provision for an auto pilot facility.

The first flight of the AT-10 was on a sunny morning on 28th March 2002 where the ship carried out her initial trials.

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