AT-10 Trial Flights Photo & Video Gallery
All photo's copyright and kindly reproduced courtesy of AHT Member Trevor Monk and his Howard Monk, based at Cardington who kindly keep an eye out and a record of the flights of the new AT10 - the latest airship to be constructed and fly from Cardington..
=> Thursday 13th March 2003
4.00pm :The AT 10 enjoys another flight around the Cardington site. The weather being perfect for further speed and turning trials. A good close up to show the gondola configuration.

Special thanks to Mr Howard Monk for the use of the video clips and again to Trevor Monk for digitising them so fast for the website

(**To enjoy this colour film will take approximatly 3-4 minutes to download on a 56kbps modem.)
AT 10 in flight
**More photo's to follow as an when the AT-10 makes further flights.