Flight Log of the LZ127 Graf Zeppelin flights to England

Flight no.
8.55pm 3rd October 1928
Overflown Lowestoft as part of 5th trial flight
Overflown Lowestoft and Great Yarmouth at night - local area/ base - return to Friedrichshafen
10:55am 11th July 1930
Overflight of the Orkney's, Aberdeen and Edinburgh
On the return leg of the famous Spitzbergen flight, the Graf Zeppelin over flew the Orkney Islands, Aberdeen and down to Edinburgh- return to Freidrichshafen
5:00pm 26th April 1930
Flight to Cardington and return
A special flight to Cardington. The Graf Zeppelin flew up and over Brighton (1:00pm), then on over London. The famous flight whereby the Graf overflew London and St Pauls, then turned and headed north, overflying Wembley Stadium during the FA cup final (between Hudderfield Town and Arsenal), heading further north to Bedfordshire, and finally landing at Cardington at 5:00pm. The R.100 was on the Cardington mast with a damaged stb elevator caused by contact with the shed on walking out. Otherwise, Dr Eckener would have had a short flight in herat the time of landing. The Graf stayed for 1 hour, and it was a chance to see a comparison between the design of the two ships. Mail was swapped and passengers embarked, having booked passage to Friedrichshafen. Hamburg America line had advertised tickets for 25 a head. The Graf then set return course for London, and crossed the channel via Dover- return to Friedrichshafen
2:00pm 30th June 1931
Overfight of Great Yarmouth, Cromer, up to Edinburgh, then the Orkney's
On the outward leg of the Iceland flight, the Graf Zeppelin over flew Great Yarmouth, Cromer, Northumberland and Flambrough Head, then up to Berwick upon Tweed, Edinburgh, Aberdeen and on to the Orkney Islands, Aberdeen to Iceland, then - return to Friedrichshafen
7:00pm 18th August 1931
Flight to London
As an official flight to London, the Graf flew up from France, crossing the coast at Brighton, and up to London, to land at Hanworth Airpark. The Graf overflew the airpark and over London 3 times as the Graf arrived earlier than expected. At 5.45 the Graf was over Aldershot, where instructions were given to await there, as the official arrival time was 7:00pm at Hanworth. However the Graf decided to overfly London affording a great sight for the passengers and many thousands of people awaiting the arrival of the ship.
8:00pm 18th August - 7:25pm 19th August 1931
Round Britain Flight
After stopping at Hanworth, the Graf then picked up passengers for a round Britian flight. The flight was west from London, down to Brighton, across to Southampton, Bournmouth, and out over Hartland Point (midnight) Over Ireland overnight, then Carlisle (6:40am) - Newcastle (7:48am) Harlepool (8:23am) - Leeds (9:36am) - Bradford (9:50am) -Leeds again 10.16) - Hull (11.26am) - Howden Airfield (11.35am) - Grimsby (11.53am) - Skegness (12.48pm) - Holkham Bay (1:19pm) - Sheringham (1.36pm) -Great Yarmouth (2:17pm) - Southwold (2:47pm) Martlesham Heath Airfield (3:35pm) - Harwich (4:38pm) - Margate - London Wembley 5:52, Hanworth (6:43pm)- Landed (7:25pm)
7:32pm 19th August 1931
Return Flight - London - Friedrichshafen
The stay in London was cut short due to high gusty winds which had come from the west. It was decided to disembark the passengers of the trip, then head for Germany. Hanworth Depart (7:32pm) Tower of London (7:48pm) Margate (8:33pm) overnight with landing at Friedrichshafen 20th August(6:38am)
5:50pm 2nd July 1932
Second Flight to London (1932)
Sandwich (4:34pm) - London Wembley (5:50pm) Hanworth - Landed (7:08pm)
7:48pm 2nd July 1932
Second Round Britain Flight
A second trip was organised for promotional purposes, and the Graf left Hanworth at 7:55pm. A flight down to Portsmouth (20:52pm) then back up to London (22:30pm) then up to east of Flamborought Head (2:06am 3rd July) then over to Edinbugh (05:10am) Glasgow (6:14am) up to the Mull of Galloway (8:41am) the North of Isle of Man (10:01am) returning south via Liverpool (11:24am) Birmingham (1:00pm) down to Bristol, Newport and Cardiff (3:57pm), then dwn to Southampton (5:35pm) returning to Hanworth, landing (7:43pm)
8:10pm 3rd July 1932
Return Flight - London - Friedrichshafen
The return flight was via London and a tour of central London provided the passengers with a fantastic view of Tower Bridge (8:32pm) then down to Margate (10:22pm) and onward to Friedrichshafen overnight with landing at 4th July (6:34am)