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Airship Interiors

The development of the rigid airship was one of a triumph of technology and an enhancement of working with nature. The rigid airship was a series of gas balloons enclosed in a rigid framework, over which doped fabric was stretched and sewn in to place to form an other protection of the bags.

Both the R100 and R101 were the first airships to break with the normal design concepts and have the passenger accommodation within the airship hull itself.

Interior Seen here is a gas bag inflated and in place. The passenger accommodation can be seen clearly illuminated at the bottom of the ship transversing from one side of the hull, to the other.  

With the idea of covering long distances in an airship which was designed to cover some 5,000 miles, and transverse oceans, comfort to passengers was a priority. In comparison to the aeroplanes which could only seat a few passengers in a cramped cabin for a short time, the airship was in a different league altogether being compared to ocean liners. Many of the design ideas were indeed taken from the contemporary liners and styles of the day.

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