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R101 (d)He produced a 45ft long, flying scale model of the R101 for AHT advertsing and promotions. Seen here are a selection of photos showing the ship under construction in its “shed”. To keep the theme consistent, Nigel has also constructed a replica of the Cardington mast. The ship is a 120:1 scale of the 777ft.

R101 (d)
R101 (d)
R101 (d)
Cardington Mast 120:1 replica

Details of the completed ship will be posted here soon long with a flying schedule and details of where the ship can be seen on.

The First Flight:
Two flights were made on 5th February 2000, both of about 20 minutes in duration. On these flights the ship only flew with just two of the four electric motors working, and was slightly over equalibrium. With all batteries on board she is 4lb heavy.

Flight Characteristics
Control in pitch and yaw is excellent and the passenger gangway in the bow opens to drop a 30ft line which makes landing very easy.

Flight Conditions
Windspeed flown in so far : 10 -12 knots.

Future Construction Plans
Work now continues on the mooring mast to wire up the electric winch and lights for night landings.


R100 (d) R100 (d)
R100 (d) R100 (d)


R101 (d)R101 Flying ModelAHT Member, Nigel Wells constructed a scale replica of the R101. Nigel, an expert model maker, utilises small scale remote controlled airships for surveillance roles.

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