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What's in your box...?

Invitation to Participate

What airship treasures do you have at home? This could be anything from a photo, to newspaper cuttings, a model or any memorabilia related to airships, even a personal connection by a family member. The Airship Heritage Trust and Bedford Creative Arts invite you to share these in the form of an ‘unboxing’ video, for our community archive, as part of our project Airship Dreams.

How it works

What we'll do is look to you to simply unwrap or remove your artifact from a box or packaging as a "surprise", and start to show it and explaining it to camera, as demonstrated in this introduction. You don't have to be a video production expert, just using a smartphone or tablet, we can do this using Zoom or Facetime or any other video conference tool, as a recorded face to face video call.

The first video has been recorded with TV Presenter Dr Sita Thomas and AHT Chairman, Alastair Lawson to share memories and item about what connects him to airships. The video can be up to 5 minutes long and can be done from the comfort of your own home. This will create a library of personal oral histories to be recorded and digitally kept for future generations to see and share.

Enjoy some of the Unboxing Videos!

Roger Allton
Dr. Giles Camplin
Basil Abbott
Dr. Nina Baker
David Dennington
Tony Francis
Cheryl Ganz
Kathleen Thurnham



Get involved and start unboxing, let's hear from you!

For more information about how to submit your airship memories contact Alastair Lawson and we'll add your oral video history to the Bedford Creative Arts and Airship Heritage Trust recording library!




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