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If you are interested in Lighter than Air Travel, then you will have found tracking down information nearly impossible. If you are looking for further research and reading then the following list of books will be able to assist you in your research. Many of them can be obtained through main libraries and we have put as many details as possible to assist you in your search. If you have a book which you think should be added to the list, then please contact our webmaster.

*** We do have a stock of second hand books available from our stock and supplies, please contact Roger Allton for the latest list ***

Many of these books can be purchased from online retailers or also subscribe to the Airship Heritage Trust Book Club on Facebook
Title Author Publisher Date ISBN
Airship Navigator E A Johnston Skyline Publishing 1994 1874180016  
Line Squall Enid Holmes Lulu 2019  
To Ride the Storm Sir Peter Masefield William Kimber 1982 0718200688
Pulham Pigs Gordon Kinsey Terence Dalton 1988 0861380509
The British Airship at War Patrick Abbott Terence Dalton 1989 0861380738
Airship Pilot No.28 Cpt. T.B. Williams William Kimber 1974 0718301526
Airships - Cardington Geoffrey Chamberlain Terence Dalton 1984 0861380258
Airships Businessmen and Politics 1890-1940 Henry Cord Meyer Smithonian Institute 1991 156098031
The History of Airships Basil Clarke St Martins Press 1961 6412336  
Zeppelins of World War 1 Wilbur Cross Barnes and Nobel 1991 1566193907
The Zeppelin Story Thor Nielson Alan Wingate Publishing 1955
Airship the Story of the R34 Patric Abbott Brewin Books 1994 185858020
The Log of the R34 E M Maitland Lighter than air Institute 1997 0958369305
Airships in Peace and War Robert Jackson Cassell 1971 0304938297  
Icarus over the Humber T W Jamison Lampada Press 1994 1873811039
My Zeppelins Hugo Eckener Ayer Co. Publishing 1994 0405121466
Slide Rule Nevil Shute William Heinemann 1954
Barnes Wallis J E Morpurgeo Longman 1972 0582103606
The Millionth Chance James Leasor Hamish Hamilton
R100 in Canada Barry Countryman The Boston Mills Press 1982 0-919822-36-3
At the Airship Heritage Trust, we hold a selection of books for sale which are not normally held by the current stockists. As we are in contact with a lot of other organisations then we can also provide a booksearch facility for out of date books. Please refer to our contact page for help.

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