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Top 10 Fatal Airship Accidents

Even though airships accidents have a reputation of having a disastrous loss of life, in truth, the records state something else.

Listed below are the totals of the worst airship accidents in the world to date to contradict and to hopefully change some of the public opinion:-


Off the Atlantic coast, USA.

4 April 1933.
ZRS 4 - Akron
73 people killed when the US navy airship Akron crashed into the sea in a storm.

Over the Mediterranean

21 December 1923.
52 people killed when the French airship Dixmude was apparently struck by lightning.

Near Beauvais, France.

5 October 1930.
H.M.A. R 101
48 people killed when British airship R101 was forced down during a storm.

Off the coast near Hull, UK.

24 August 1921
H.M.A. R38 /ZR II
44 people killed when airship R38 broke in two during a low turn trial, on a training and test flight.

Lakehurst. New Jersey, USA.

6 May 1937
D-LZ129 Hindenburg
36 people killed when the Hindenburg caught fire and crashed.

Hampton Roads, Virginia, USA.

21 February 1922
Airship Roma
34 people killed when airship Roma crashed, killing all but 11 people on board.

Berlin, Germany.

17 October 1913
LZ 18
28 people killed when German airship LZ18 crashed after engine failure during a test flight.

Baltic Sea.

30 March 1917
SL 9
23 people killed when German airship SL9 was struck by lightning on a flight.

Mouth of the River Elbe, Germany.

3 September 1915
L 10
19 people killed when German airship L10 was struck by lightning and plunged into the sea.
10 - Joint

Off Heligoland.

9 September 1913
L 1
14 people killed when German navy airship L1 crashed into the sea
10 - Joint

Caldwell, Ohio, USA.

3 September 1925
ZR1- Shenendoah
14 people killed when US dirigible Shenandoah broke up in a storm, scattering sections over many miles of the Ohio countryside.

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