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LEARNING ZONE - Online reference Library and materials

To help those understand that airship's do not follow the normal rules of flight as is understood with heavier than aircraft, we have put together a centre for documents and items to help with reference questions.We also provide details of further reading open to researchers in our Online Reference Library.

Most of the documents below have come from original sources, the Airship Heritage Trust archive or from new information gathered from researching records in the National Archives in London, and have often been omitted from books on the subject.

General Reference

Historical Documentation

R100 Reference

R101 Reference
Planned improvements to R100 (1930) and continuity policy from August 1930 - research from the National Archive and AHT Archives

Top 10 Worst Airship Accidents Globally

Naming of the R100 and R101 - reproduced from the National Archives, London (transcript of the National Archives file AIR 2/399)

R100 Canada Flight Crew List

R101 Crash page - full details of the final flights of the R101 including movies and graphics of the R101 crash.
Lighter than Air Frequently Asked Questions - list of answers about airships and lighter than air travel
R101 - copy of the final flight certificate. An copy of the certificate for the altered ship. (Requires Adobe Acrobat to read)

Airship Size Comparison Chart - compare the scale of modern airships from Skyships and Airlander to the R101 *New*

Airship Crew Organisaion Chart How the airship crew was structured

Press Release for the R100 flight to Canada: Full reproduction of information in the R100's press pack 1930

23X Class Ships detailed *New*- the expanded research area previously serialized in "Dirigible" Magazine 2015/2016 - extensive research by Kent O'Grady

Docking Rafts for Rigid Airships. Taken from a book in 1929 along with photos from the AHT archives, the plans could have referred to as the "Cardington Mobile Mast"*Updated with new photos*

Press Release for R101 flight to India: Full reproduction of information in the the R101's press pack October 1930.


Airship Timeline: compare the lifespan of the ships

R101 Crew Biographies : Full details of each crew member and photos

R101 - Public Inquiry Original Copy Document Full reproduction of information in the the R101 public Inquiry March 1931. *New*

R101 Broken Elevator Cable - Dr Bryan Lawton's 2018 research paper explaining the R101 control response at the time of the crash.*New*


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