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Membership and Donations


We at the Airship Heritage Trust pride ourselves as being an organisation open to those with an interest in the history of lighter than air travel, young or old, whether in the UK or not.

Why Join ?

To be part of a group who is striving to preserve this important part of aviation history which is the driving force for the Trust.

To be able to see how the hard work of the members has ensured that airship history will continue for future generations.

Receive 3 copies a year of the excellent in-house Mazainge "Dirigible", containing latest research and articles relating to the history of lighter than air travel.
You can download 5 free copies of our excellent magazine Dirigible here

All new U.K members will also receive a FREE GIFT!


Membership is vital to us as we do not receive any Government Funding or corporate backing, and so we rely totally on voluntary help and donations and the generosity of the support from membership subscriptions. We also raisee money through donations made at our talks programme, and lectures. However with the rising costs for postage, and printing, we are always dependent on our membership subscriptions to form the bulk of our income.

How Much Does it Cost?

UK membership costs £25 per year, and overseas membership is £35.

PLEASE NOTE: DUE TO THE INCREASE IN POSTAGE COSTS, THE OVERSEAS MEMBERSHIP IS NOW GBP 35.00. The reason for the increase is that it now costs over GBP 6.00 to post to the USA and Australia.


How To Join:
For new members:
You can join the following ways - Via PayPal / Standing Order from your bank or by cheque.- If you would like to join, pay via PayPal or just fill in and print off the Membership form - and return it to our Membership Secretary, along with the relevant subscription. Once membership has been processed and accepted, then your name will be added to the membership register.

  *NEW* Join Online and Pay via PayPal

Choose Membership Type

To pay by Standing Order:

New UK Members receive a FREE GIFT! worth £19.95

A copy of the excellent book, Airship Navigator by E.A. Johnston, will be sent to all new members in the U.K.

Airship Navigator tells the fascinating story of the mainstream of British Airships from the point of one man who flew them between 1916 and 1930 - and also contains an account of some pioneering commercial aeroplane operations in which he was involved in the formative years of 1923-27.

As well as telling teh story of his father life, "Johnnie Johnson" also offers his own re-examination of the original evidence relating to the loss of R101, and of a computer study of the behviour of the airship in those last moments at Beauvais.


If you are an existing member and want to change to the new UK Standing order basis:




Can you help ?....2019 fundraising programme

We raise additional donations to our funds through our talks programmes however we need more help.

In 2018 we are looking to raise £1,000 for the creation of a mobile educational display banners which can be put up along with our display pictures in Schools or Libraries to show the history of British Airships and the R101. If you would like to help us, please donate below

We are always grateful of donations and so if you would like to make a donation to the Airship Heritage Trust, then please do so here.

  • Example of display panels kindly created and paid by the Houses of Parliament Estate, provided for the backdrop of the R101 plaque, in St Stephen's Hall, House of Parliament.

    Each one costs £230 and we would like to create our own similar display, which can be moved easily, and show in schools, libraries, museum's and buildings of historic significance.

Please note, membership and entitlement to Dirigible is as follows (taking the year 2019 as an example):

Person joining on or before 30th June 2019

Membership valid until 31st December 2019 -Entitled to the three issues of Dirigible published during 2018

Person joining on or after 1st July 2019

Membership valid until 31st December 2019 - Entitled to those issues of Dirigible published between date of joining and 31st December 2018
Membership Benefits

As a member, you will receive, three times per year free of charge, a copy of the AHT’s in-house magazine DIRIGIBLE.

DIRIGIBLE is a high quality journal full of leading articles and reviews by authorities in the lighter than air field. A must for all Airship enthusiasts.

We hold an AGM at a location close to Shortstown, or Cardington in June each year, and also a lecture or filmshow afterwards. Members are able to come, meet other members as a social gathering, and be part the organisation. The Trust has also arranged international visits for members, an also is actively setting up social events.

Being an AHT member also means that you can attend joint meetings and events often held with other the Airship Association.

The AHT is always looking for young and enthusiastic members. If you would like to become actively involved in the Trust and if you could spare us some free time, please feel free to E-mail us.

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