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We have the following titles and postal covers which are currently available.

New British Naval Airships - the definiative guide to the history of the British naval airship service by between 1909 and 1921,
and their subsequent development and operational use by that serivice during the Great War and after.

Illustrated with over 1,200 photographs, some 230 original line drawings and 19 colour plates set in a 4 volumes hardback set.

Published by the Airship Heritage Trust in cooperation with The Fleet Air Arm Museum

Researched extensivly over some 30 years and written by Brian J Turpin, the 4 volume set is the definative guide to British Naval Airships

More airship titles produced by the Airsip Heritgage Trust
Line Squall by Enid Holmes
Airship Navigator by Johnnie Johnston

The Airshipmen Trilogy - David Dennington

The epic story behind the 1920’s British Airship Programme. A tale of duty, passion & political intrigue.

This three volume set written by AHT member David Dennington, and researched over a decade, draws on the history around the Imperial Aiship Scheme. Available on Amazon and other online stores.

Celebratory Postal Covers
- - - NEW R 36 100th Anniversary First Flight Cover - - -
- - - NEW R 38 100th Anniversary First Flight Cover - - -
R 100 90th Anniversary Commemorative Flight Cover
R 101 Final Flight Anniversary Commemorative Flight Cover
R 100 90th Anniversary Canada Commemorative Flight Cover
R 100 90th Anniversary of the 24 hours Canadian flight Commemorative Cover



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