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Limited edition R-100 90th Anniversary First Flight Commemorative Cover



To celebrate the first flight of the R-100, the Airship Heritage Trust with support from the Rolls Royce Heritage Trust have created a 90th anniversary first flight commemorative cover.

The covers have been flow in a Cessna 172-BJXZ by pilot Martin Jones, from Howden, via York to Cardingon, along the same original flight route during 1st-15th December 2019, during which time in 1929 bad weather delayed the R-100's similar maiden flight. The covers are cancelled with new commemorative commissioned postal cancels from both the Airship Heritage Trust, and Rolls Royce Heritage Trust, to commemorate the 90th anniversary of the R-100 airship's maiden flight from Howden Shed, to the Cardington Mast on 16th December 1929.

To celebrate the fight, the covers were stamped at Howden, nr. Selby Yorkshire where the R-100 was built 1924-29, then driven south to Cardington, and arrive at the Shorts Building, Shortstown, at 13.00 on Monday December 16th, to stamp the covers with a timed commemorative mark for 13.30, the designated arrival time at the mast, after 5hrs 47 mins in the air.

With beautiful original artwork of the R-100 by Keith Goldsmith, and to celebrate the work by Barnes Wallis, the commemorative covers will be collectors items.


Order your cover now, price GBP 8:00 with free postage and packing - click on the link below to order



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