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Airship Sheds Australia
Country: Australia Locations: Perth, Sydney / Melbourne
3 Masts - Perth, Sydney and Melbourne
1 Shed at Melbourne
3 Base Facilities


Following on from South Africa, the Imperial Airship Communications Committee travelled on to Australia. It is unknown whether they went by the coast of India or across the sea from Cape Town to Perth, but what has been recently discovered on a map of the proposal of a mast in Keeling Island in the middle of the Indian Ocean, so they may have had a direct crossing taking in this set of islands.

On arrival at Perth in Western Australia they recommended the establishment of a site in the vicinity of the city, plus an additional one either in Melbourne or Sydney area to serve the populous in Eastern Australian area. The original 1926 plans were that the Imperial Communications must reach Australia and the fastest means at the time would be by airship. The sites selected along the way were deemed the refuelling points for the main connection of the air service.

The Australian Government had agreed the concept and understood the benefits which would come out of having a link, however, after the selection of Perth as a base, the selection of the Western Australia locations became troublesome as the exact decision could not be made. This caused problems with neighbouring Countries, such as New Zealand who also wanted a mast site, but were totally dependent on the Australia decision before they could agree to the funding of a mast site.

As the discussions carried on for the next few years, the Imperial Air communications Group concentrated on actual setting up and construction of sites, hence although a later decision, the Canadian mast was operational and complete whist the Australian were still deciding.



Australia - Perth, Sydney and Melbourne

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