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Airship Sheds Colombo
Country: Ceylon Location: Colombo

1 Mast



A recently discovered map in the Public Records Office in Kew showing all the proposed Imperial Air Routes has uncovered some interesting unknown finds. The map is dated "Air Routes 1931" but it is suspected that this is a future proposal of sites, probably issued around August September 1930, prior to the loss of the R101 and when many decision had been made regarding the next phase of the Airship Programme.

On of the locations which was shown was the proposal of a mast in Colombo, then part of what was known as Ceylon, now Sri Lanka. The mast is in a strategic location on the route down to Australia. Nothing more is known of the proposed Colombo mast, however it is quite likely with the expansion of the route to Australia that the mast could service those airships travelling down from India, to Perth in Australia, as it sits on a geographic line directly south east connecting those locations.

Ceylon, at the time, was also an important communications / trading partner of the British Empire.


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