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Airship Sheds Location: Folkstone Kent
Country: United Kingdom Location: RNAS Folkstone (Alternate Name: Capel or Capel-le-Ferne)

3 Submarine Scout Sheds

Additional Submarine Scout Shed

Silcol Hydrogen Plant

Hydrogen Gasholder


Situated on a key location in the White Cliffs of the English Channel, RNAS Folkstone was located between Folkstone and Dover.

The station was commissioned on 8th May 1915. The station had been erected very quickly started, in March 1915. Originally only one SS Shed was constructed when the site was commissioned.

Many SS ships were in operation from Folkstone. The main role of the ships was to protect troopships in the English Channel, form Dover to Calais.

On 3rd July 1917, S.S.29 was given the honor of escorting the ship carrying King George V on one of his visits to the Front. On his return even days later, three airships S.S24, S.S.29 and Coastal C.24a provided the guard on the return journey from Calais to Dover.

A Fourth shed was planned in 1916, but was never constructed.

After the war ceased in November 1918, the Folkstone airship station was rapidly demobilised in February 1919, and all but one airships operating from the station were deflated. The sheds were auctioned off and in the Spring of 1922, later demolished.

The last remaining airship shed remained until 1947. Today the site can still be seen, as part of a caravan park and arable farmland.




A Submarine Scout ship outside the camaflaged shed at RNAS Folsktone Note the unfinished portable shed framework awaiting covering.
Submarine Scout Shed 3
An aerial shot of the three sheds and windbreaks
Portable Submarine Scout shed being covered.
Interior of the Submarine Scout shed. Notice the car for scale.


United Kingdom - Folkstone

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