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Airship Sheds
Country: Kenya Locations: Mombassa



2 Masts
Base Facilities

The Imperial Airship Scheme primary objective was to link the "far corners of the Empire" and so route down the African Continent to South Africa was always to be in the primary objectives. South Africa was always the goal, however there were many other British colonies en route.

Original surveys were carried out at Zanzibar, Dar-el-Salaam as well as Mombasa as a suitable location. All of these locations proving suitable as they were sited on the coast where the weather conditions were more suited to airship operations than in the hot interior of the continent.

There have been reports that land was purchased and plans found regarding the proposal of a twin mast site at Mombasa on the east coast of Africa.

This location would have tied in correctly with the other proposals at the time as a site would have been required for airships travelling down to South Africa from Egypt. Also a double mast site would have been required as the location could connect with North Africa or on to India and Australia.

It is believed that Babcock and Wilson, the contractors for the masthead exquipment, were engaged for production of the additional mast equipment.

The South Africa masthead is believed to have been produced and shipped to South Africa, and the company was already providing discounts for multiple orders, and so it can be believed that the two masts for Mombasa would have been ordered.

More details will be made available when the data is researched and recovered from the AHT and National Archives.


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