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The Trust- Donations, Acqusitions and Disposals Policy
Below the Aquistion and Transfer of Tile Forms and also the AHT's Deaccessioning Policy
Donations, Acqusition and Transfer of Tile Form
Deaccessioning and Disposals Policy

Over the years AHT Members and the members of the public have contacted us to offer interesting items relating to British airships, whether they have a personal connection with the ships or with one of the many bases around the country. We are grateful for the wonderful items which have come forward and can be shared with others through our website, or when we can put on public display.

Should you wish to make a donation of a gift or an artefact to our collection please be aware we will require a completed Acqusitions and Transfer of Title Form completed.

Condition of Donations

So that we can accept your dontation, we ask you to sign and agree to the Acquisition and Transfer of Title Form.

We can only accept your gift or donation without conditions. This means that your gift or donation will become the Trust’s property and you and your family will not be able to claim the gift back. In addition, we will not have to consult you about any use we make of your gift or donation. This includes how it may be displayed and whether it is sent to another organisation such as an accredited museum. If, in exceptional circumstances, we no longer require it, we will dispose of it in accordance with the guidelines of the Museums Association, which favour transfer to an accredited museum. It is not possible for the Trust to guarantee that your gift will be put on permanent public display but, when not on display, we will endeavour to ensure that it is carefully stored and, where possible, made available for research and education purposes.

For items or collections being donated to the Airship Heritage Trust our Acqusition and Retention Policy is as follows

Temporary acquisition/retention policy

The Airship Heritage Trustees, and those authorised by them, will from time to time find it necessary to collect, store, conserve and catalogue artifacts, documents and books (items). These items may be acquired from different source (bequests/wills, donations, purchase), to be held temporarily or permanently by the Trust; but it will be necessary to dispose of items under certain circumstances.

" Books - In principle, the Trust should hold 3 x copies of Each Book 1 x Perfect Copy for Collection, 2 x copies for Service Purposes (loans/research).
" Documents - An electronic copy should be made of all documents of Historic Significance, and saved to the SharePoint Site (TBC). The original document should then be returned to its cover, and a decision made as to Preservation/Conservation.
" Films/videos - Should be assessed in light of digital availability. A check should be made on the internet to see if a complete digital copy is available. If not, the Film/Video should be digitised using the MP4 format, and uploaded to the Trust's SharePoint Library for preservation. The original should then be considered for disposal (see non-routine disposal below)
" Photographs - A high quality scan of the image should be taken, together with as much information regarding source/provenance, attributions (primary or secondary) and a copy uploaded to the Trust's SharePoint Library. The original should then be considered for disposal (see non-routine disposal below)

Please refer to the full Deaccessioning Policy Document regarding Deaccessioning / Disposal policies.




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