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The Trust - Founder Members

The Airship Heritage Trust was set up in 1985 by a group of dedicated enthusiasts and relatives of the original crew members. Over the last few years from its humble beginings the Trust has grown and worked very hard to where it is today, with it's membership of over 150 worldwide.

The Trust founding members whose actions were the foundations of the Airship Heritage Trust, formerly FOCAS (Friends of the Cardington Airship Station) are as follows:

Jarvis Frith Ernest Johnston Anne Feilden
Edward Greenstreet Leslie Speed Francis Kiernan
Geoffrey Keep Guy Hartcup Crispin Rope
Donald Beattie Kenneth Burchett Albert Hunt
Dr. Richard Grabowsky Rebecca Grabowsky Paul Grabowsky Atherstone
Richard Albone John Sefton Brancker Sir Peter Masefield
Sir Frederick Tymms


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