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Potter, W.A. - Assistant Chief Coxswain


Potter, W.A.
Assistant Chief Coxswain
Mentioned in dispatches
Yoxford, Suffolk.

Joined Airship Service 1915. Ships C.1, R9, R23, R31, Asst Coxn R33, Crew R33 Breakaway, Joined R101 Asst.Chief Coxswain. 1929.

He was assistant chief coxswain and had been working with airships since 1915, being one of the survivors of the crash of the R.38 in 1921 in which forty four died and five escaped with their lives. He was thirty two and, originally from Braintree,Essex, then Saxmundham Suffolk, lived at 8 The Drive, Shortstown. He left a wife and ten year old daughter.



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