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General Airship Historical Sites
The definitive site on the NS11 - in-depth further research from Peter Lewry following the loss of this ship.
For more information on airships visit this excellent and informative site. The Zeppelin Library Archive covers all aspects of the Zeppelin story along with details of the American Airship programme. It has useful links too for further LTA enthusiasts.
A very extensive, well set out and informative site for all matters airship.
A nice site with details on the main commercial Zeppelins
- Information site for all airships but includes the little known French ships.
- Orkney and Shetland Aviation Research Group :Excellent information on the aviation in the northern isles including the SS ships stationed there
- The Fleet Air Arm Museum: Europe's largest Naval Aviation Collection. An excellent museum, and a must for young and old, well worth multiple visits. Currently preserving the Airship Heritage Trust collection for future display.
-The official site for the Zeppelin Museum, Germany. Well worth a visit both on line or in person.
- The largest private collection of Zeppelin artifacts. Situated in the beautiful town of Meersberg beside Lake Constance.
- an excellent Museum dedicated to the Zeppelin base at Tonder.
- Details of the Zeppelin Museum in Zeppelinheim. Good reviews from AHT members who have visited. Site in English and German.
- The Navy Lakehurst Historical Society is an organisation much akin to the A.H.T, interested in the preservation of a historical Airship Station. A site well laid out and well worth visiting with very good information and photo’s.
- An essential part of the LTA history in the UK. A great site with details of the R34, and the other Scottish ships.
- A superb site for this little know area of essential Airship history.
- A Museum in planning stage at Cardington, more details coming soon on the website.
-The Airship Association caters for all matters relating to modern airship design construction. Full details of airships today. A site worth visiting.
-A site for modern balloonist and hot air airship pilots
- An association of American Airship pilots and enthusiasts. Well worth a visit to see information relating to the American ships and the non rigid operations of the Second World. See photo's of the K series ships which the AHT has a gondola of in it's collection- the K88
- A good site and excellent magazine "Airshipworld" (formerly Gasbag)
- Balloon Barage Reunion Club
- Bedford Aeronautical Heritage Group is responsible for the preservation of the picture, document, and film archive of the former Royal Aircraft Establishment at Thurleigh in Bedfordshire
- SKIVE Aviation AG, Rorbas/Switzerland: Manufacturer and Operator of unmanned airships for TV, surveillance and advertising
- Small airships used for advertising roles
- a collaboration between the UK Government and the Lightship Group to use airships to their full potential to aid third world countries with mine detection and clearance.
- the German project for cargo carrying. Excellent site with impressive amount of data on the project.
- Goodyear have been fundamental in Airship development since the 1920's and are still striving forward as one of the most well known airship manufacturers and operators in the world. A good site.
- the Zeppelin NT's official site.
Shortstown and Local Cardington related Sites
- a superb site dedicated to Shortstown and concertrates mainly on the years 1917 to the late 1950’s and charts both the history of Shortstown and the camp opposite which became known as RAF Cardington
- Studio tours show the list of films which Cardington shed 2 has been used for
- details of the Ownership of the Cardington Sheds by Fosbern Homes
- details of the new development by Belway Homes of New Cardington
- Link to the local Travelodge hotel should you want to explore the local area of Bedford
Other Interesting Airship Sites
- The amazing graphical design site of Juanita Franzi. Aero Illustrations is THE site for graphical images (designer of the R101 dive image)

- A side dedicated to the Cardington sheds with artwork and poetry inspired by the sheds and the airships

- a great site based around a music CD following the life of the R101

Information on the Pulham Airship Station
Details of the proposal for an Airship Port near New York
- Airship and Blimp Consultant (ABC)

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