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General Airship Historical Sites
The definitive site on the NS11 - in-depth further research from Peter Lewry following the loss of this ship.
- A superb website with details on the main commercial Zeppelins, along with specific details of the German ships.
- A Brilliant page from the Orkney and Shetland Aviation Research Group: Excellent information on the aviation in the northern isles including the SS ships stationed there
- The Fleet Air Arm Museum: Europe's largest Naval Aviation Collection. An excellent museum, and a must for young and old, well worth multiple visits. Currently preserving the Airship Heritage Trust collection for future display.
-The official site for the Zeppelin Museum, Germany. Well worth a visit both on line or in person.
- The largest private collection of Zeppelin artifacts. Situated in the beautiful town of Meersberg beside Lake Constance.
- An excellent Museum dedicated to the Zeppelin base at Tonder.
- Details of the Zeppelin Museum in Zeppelinheim. Good reviews from AHT members who have visited. Site in English and German.
- The Navy Lakehurst Historical Society is an organisation much akin to the A.H.T, interested in the preservation of a historical Airship Station. A site well laid out and well worth visiting with very good information and photo’s.
- An essential part of the LTA history in the UK. A great site with details of the R34, and the other Scottish ships.
- A superb site for this little know area of essential Airship history.
- A Museum in planning stage at Cardington, more details coming soon on the website.
-The Airship Association caters for all matters relating to modern airship design construction. Full details of airships today. A site worth visiting.
-A site for modern balloonist and hot air airship pilots
- An association of American Airship pilots and enthusiasts. Well worth a visit to see information relating to the American ships and the non rigid operations of the Second World. See photo's of the K series ships which the AHT has a gondola of in it's collection- the K88
- A good site and excellent magazine "Airshipworld" (formerly Gasbag)
- Balloon Barage Reunion Club
- Bedford Aeronautical Heritage Group is responsible for the preservation of the picture, document, and film archive of the former Royal Aircraft Establishment at Thurleigh in Bedfordshire
- SKIVE Aviation AG, Rorbas/Switzerland: Manufacturer and Operator of unmanned airships for TV, surveillance and advertising
- The German project for cargo carrying. Excellent site with impressive amount of data on the project.  
- Goodyear have been fundamental in Airship development since the 1920's and are still striving forward as one of the most well known airship manufacturers and operators in the world. A good site.
- Zeppelin NT's official site.
- The UN use of airships for mineseeking over war fields
Shortstown and Local Cardington related Sites
- Studio tours show the list of films which Cardington shed 2 has been used for
- Details of the Cardington Sheds now a Film Studio
- Link to the Mercue Hotel, Central Bedford and host location of the 2020 Airship Association and Airship Heritage Trust Convention
- Link to the local Travelodge hotel should you want to explore the local area of Bedford
Other Interesting Airship Sites
- The amazing graphical design site of Juanita Franzi. Aero Illustrations is THE site for graphical images (designer of the R101 dive image)
- A side dedicated to the Cardington sheds with artwork and poetry inspired by the sheds and the airships
- Airship and Blimp Hybrid pilot Services

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