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Airship Sheds
The New Shorts Building, also known as the Administration Block, Cardington
The original Administration block showin in 1917 after completion. Behind can be see some of the workshops and airshp fabircation areas.
When the RAF base was sold and the site cleared in 1999, the administration block was listed, and therefore had to form part of any new development. For nealy a decade, the building was left to decay.
The Shorts building October 2011.
How the building looks today...
New gardens have been planted in front of the building. Apartments form the top two floors.
The imposing and impressive front.
Detail showing the date .. 1917

Did you know...

The ensign which flew on the R101, originally hung just inside the entrance hallway of the building. It was decided by Captain Scott, to use this on the R101's overseas flight. Today the ensign from the ship, was returned from the crash site in France, and now resides close by in St Mary's Church, Cardington.

The plan detailing the display pictures in the main recption, now communal areas, depicting the history of the R101 and the importance of the building
The original revolving door remains.
The Airship Heritage Trust was pleased to be associated with the registering of the Shorts Building as a Transport Heritage Site, and added to the register of historical buildings. The "Red Wheel" plaque can be seen on the front entrance of the building, outlining the importance and history of the building, and was unveiled on the building in October 2012.

Cardington - The Shorts Building

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